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This story is Chapter 2 in the story, as we look in on the current class about halfway through their fag study. Fag coursework, mostly labs for hand-on practice, takes many weeks.

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An abusive husband is paid back in a violent assault for the wrongs he has done. Our clients only know him as a sexy full figured woman and the rest of our employees see him as a feminine gay transgendered boy, but when Toni comes into the office in sexy open toed high heels, I know I am going to get fucked by my pretty but dominant girlfriend...He groaned as he spilled his seed inside her pussy, even as I now exploded in her hot, tight ass. You were quite the trooper there, taking on Rain and I alike.I slid out and kissed the back of Larissa's neck while Rain kissed her face and throat. And to think that when you first told me about him, he was just a friend with oral benefits who liked to wear women's clothing now and then," I teased Larissa, who winked at us and licked her lips.Larissa also made out with Rain, but then stopped to give me steamy kisses for a moment while I plowed her back field.

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Then she resumed her make-out session with him, before starting it up with me again.It was back and forth, her lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth for a bit, and then her doing the same for Rain, of course.