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20-Jan-2018 21:30

Only after three decades of smiley-face sanitizing by the editors of D. comics did the Batman & Gordon fighting for the good of Gotham City come about; but in our current episode we now have the conflated mess of not only the original outlaw Batman, but also his square-jawed do-gooder personality, and his various fascistic Dark Knight outbursts, along with his mood-swings of self doubt.The fact that this complicated persona is portrayed by Christian Bale with all the panache of a corpse slowly entering does not help to unwind the tangle.From my perspective, despite some excellent cinematography and a stellar performance by Heath Ledger as the Joker, it is really just another Batman movie, but with a troubling dichotomy at its core that is getting scant attention.There are clearly two very conflicted subtexts in the film, one centered on Batman and the other on the Joker.You know, when it comes to the original Batman by Bob Kane, he was just slugging it out with some scumbags and breaking their necks every now and then.He wasn’t buddy buddy with the police commissioner in those days, he was considered a criminal and thug.Perhaps we might have suspected this could happen, since he deliberately kidnapped a paranoid schizophrenic in order to torture him with his own hands, only to be supposedly saved on the precipice by Batman.

This is something worthy of despair, and yet Hollywood, with is cynical greed, will continue to churn out zombies, slashers, maniacs galore, and even give mountains of cash to utterly talentless hacks like M Night Shyamalan on the mere chance that he can put a chill up the spine of some people who think that his snail-paced nausea is scary. As far as the majority are concerned, the words of the usher who showed us where the emergency exits were located are sufficient: “this flick is awesome, it rules!Indeed there are only two humane acts that take place in the entire film, neither of them by Batman.