Daemon tools stuck on updating virtual devices

02-Feb-2018 06:05

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When updating to version 0.8.13 or newer, the patch installation may detect the Android SDK folder inside your application folder.

If this occurs, you must move your sdk folder outside of the application folder for the update to take place.

right-clicking a given class/method) and will not offer to run a different one in the future. Null Pointer Exception at com.jarego.jayatana.swing. Swing Global Swing Global Menu Window Controller(Swing Global Menu.java:204) at com.jarego.jayatana.swing.

Swing Global Menu.install Lock Parent Global Menu(Swing Global Menu.java:160) at ..is caused by the play services artifact being removed from the local Google Maven repository because it contained some critical bugs. (More information)A new version of the Google Play Services library was released recently: 5.2.08.

It is like it is getting initialized when my computer starts up. Thanks I will give that a try when I get home (at work right now), I didn't know you could specify the device you want to install on. To get rid of the "offline" device, you will need to find that application and close it or reconfigure it to listen to a different port. If you do, the background processes that it runs creates the offline device "emulator-5554".

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This behavior is not automatically enabled when using NTFS on Linux or OS X, as reported in issue 202297, but can be manually specified in idea.properties:#--------------------------------------------------------------------- # IDEA can copy library files to prevent their locking.from the command prompt, it tells me that it is offline, if I create another device and run that one, then try to install the files, it says I have too many devices connected. How in the world can I get rid of that damn emulator-5554? The disconnected one still remains on my devices list, but all I wanted to do was install that list (in your case 5554) will be one less than the port that adb is finding open.

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