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30-Aug-2017 11:15

Kay's Entertainment is a place where you will read translated Asian entertainment news and Hollywood gossip.Articles are either translated by KAY or taken from other websites with credits.He thinks it's normal to shop with friends and girlfriends/boyfriends and there is nothing to avoid. " Accidentally had a "slip of the tongue," Bosco said the contract is his and it has nothing to do with others. Then talked about his contract with TVB, which is rumored he would only sign the per-drama contract with his company, the TVB actor denied and said his contract doesn't end until several years later." "There are still many years," he said. If repost, please with TVB or others, and is used only for personal interest to provide translated e-news.Original articles are in Chinese and is from various Chinese newspapers.

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Myolie and Bosco has always been the 'rumoured couple' but, they never denied that they were dating (However, many who have dated would never admit to public) The whole report seems so fabricated and I don't believe it.anyway, whoever writes up these articles need to find something better to do with their time.i refuse to believe any of these rumors until the parties involved confirms it.[/color] hu H?This gossip originated from EEG-owned magazine too so obviously it will attack Bosco at full force(for business purposes ). News[/url][/b]Suspecting that her boyfriend is dating another woman and despising him for his low earning power, Myolie Wu has broken up with Bosco Wong. According to reports, however, Wong and Wu have been dating for four years before they broke up two months ago.

There's actually some patterns as to how these scandals come out. Besides suspecting that Wong is seeing another woman, Wu did not like his reliance on her.

(even if they did they can still make it up) Frankly I dun really care, but nowadays I can really tell what is made up and what's not. THIS IS LIKE THE WHOLE NIKI, KEVIN, AND CHARMAINE THING ALL OVER AGAIN.