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06-Jan-2018 23:07

So, despite helping to shape the web as we know it for the past 21 years, you will likely not see a mass outpouring of grief for Flash’s demise.In our view, this is a positive step that will make browsing the internet more secure, faster and more user friendly. Nice to know that I got a good price for a top of the line detector with bonafide support, service, & warranty. I looked all over e Bay for the "best deal" & am glad I purchased from RR.As for websites that still use Flash, Adobe will continue to support Flash until 2020, while encouraging websites to migrate existing Flash content to the open formats.

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Also, running with the Escort Live app has the distinct downside of changing the mode of my car's satellite radio every time my i Phone app signaled an alert. To lockout a false alert, (X, K or Laser only) press the mute button three (3) times, (either on the detector or the Smart Cord®) during the alert.