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Today there is a growing body of academic research and opinions damning the culture as needlessly discriminatory.The forced schooling separation from girls had inflicted lasting wounds on my mate that had taken much of his adult life to work through.They were woefully under prepared for the culture shifts to come and were reliant on things being done the same old way.

What was then juvenile horseplay would today be considered sexual assault and those responsible for it would be facing charges.

I attended both types of school and experienced private and public education. As for mock juries attempting to impose their sentences on me, I'd like to see them try...

I was never bullied at school and I prevented others from being bullied.

It was a free-ranging conversation that started out light but was about to turn ugly.

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My old school friend wanted to talk about those things that old boys of single-sex schools seldom speak about.

The single sex education apologists will come out in numbers to defend the old culture of single-sex education.

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