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If that sounds like your cup of miso, Tokyo’s where to go. I remember the old Havana with passionate playful girls- a different world less than five years ago. Now years later it would make sense that many more people have Internet access but I've looked at all of the Internet dating sites and other sites of a more general nature and I can't find any that seem to have any reasonable number of Cuban women that have logged in in the past week or so. Still, some on the Malecon, some in the old town, some in the middle of nowhere. Just interested in quick cash to feed themselves / their kids / their family.A few of the websites had several pages of attractive Cuban women but once you get past six or seven you said that they haven't logged in for more than a month.But be warned: while the NY dating scene is thriving and you’ll never have the same night – or man for that matter – twice if you don’t want to, the male:female ratio is unfairly skewed in the men’s favour.

So if you dream of settling down with a Scando who can simultaneously serve a Smorgasbord and give a Swedish massage: Stockholm’s got them in stock. Melbourne, Australia Named the world’s most livable city by the , Melbourne is distinguished by its cultural and artistic scene.

Out of literally maybe 200 cubanas I just have been able to get one chica talking to me on Messenger and she seems like a "normal" girl. For the vast majority of the others a few of them might have approved my friend request but I never got a response (in Messenger) from most I agree with Mondo; it might be hard for you to correspond with Chicas online from Cuba before your trip because of the limited internet access. When I went there years ago there were students from one of the technological universitit's that were using