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A lack of repetitious requirements in each clause does not mean processes and documented information are not required.

The first sentence of clause 8.1 makes the point that the organization “shall plan, implement and control the processes needed to meet the requirements for the provision of products and services.” It also reinforces the relationship between clauses 4.4 and 6.

Planned changes are required to be controlled and action taken to mitigate the effects of unintended consequences of changes.

Documented information is required to be kept (retained) to demonstrate conformity of product and service to requirements and that processes have been carried out as planned.

The individual planning step in the 2008 version focuses on determining how to verify conformity, the 2015 version is oriented around the notion of managing and adequately resourcing a set of processes so that a state of control is achieved even when intended or unintended changes occur.

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The company was set up in its present form in 1983 but has roots in a firm with private forestry services dating back to 1963.The bulk of the management system requirements lies within this single clause.

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