Method of validating analysing data

06-Nov-2017 21:07

So need one week more time to delivered the products.So Inbound delivery is created against the PO issued to that vendor with mutually agreed dates of required goods and these dates mention inbound delivery.So after that overview screen appeared and the Purchase Order data is copied into inbound delivery as shown in below screen shot.And some addition data can be input in the Header and item level screen, (E.g transportation planning, route etc).query runtimes, loading times) but also other system-related data like volume statistics are available.The Database Volume statistics in the technical content are designed with a simple data model consisting of just one cube with some characteristics (day, week, month, DB object, object type, DB table etc.) and key figures (DB size in MB, number of records etc.).The following blog post demonstrates how to use the technical content of SAP BW as a forecast data basis for a prognosis model in SAP Predictive Analysis.The aim is to show a smooth and straight-forward process avoiding additional modelling outside of BW as much as possible.

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“Inbound Delivery (ID) is a record which is holding all the information / data required to start and monitor the inbound delivery process.

The green line represents the calculated figures of the forecast model (in this case a Double Exponential Smooth regression) for the past 20 months and 10 months into the future.

SAP Predictive Analysis needs (currently) a specific time-ID column and the key figures must be of data type DOUBLE.

The inbound delivery can be created using The initial screen appears to create inbound delivery.

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