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Cisco ASA supports the authentication methods listed in Table 6-1 with the following services: Cisco ASA VPN user authentication support is similar to the support provided on the Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrator.

As previously mentioned, the authorization mechanism assembles a set of attributes that describes what the user is allowed to do within the network or service.

TACACS uses port 49 for communication and allows vendors to use either User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or TCP encoding.

Cisco ASA uses the TCP version for its TACACS implementation.

The TACACS authentication concept is similar to RADIUS.

The NAS sends an authentication request to the TACACS server (daemon).

The server ultimately sends any of the following messages back to the NAS: After the authentication process is complete, if authorization is required the TACACS server proceeds with the authorization phase.

The user must first successfully be authenticated before proceeding to TACACS authorization.

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RADIUS servers combine authentication and authorization phases into a single request-and-response communication cycle.

NOTE Passwords are sent as encrypted messages from the Cisco ASA to the RADIUS server.